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Understanding Your Car's Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The main process based job of an engine control unit (ECU) is to control the various features of an internal combustion engine's operation autel. Earlier, the ECU that was fitted in most of the cars and had their engine parameters fixed. Also, the carburetor would determine the required quantity of fuel per cylinder/per engine cycle. In other words, the simple version of the ECU'S would control only the quantity of fuel injected into each cylinder, at each engine cycle.

These sensors monitor's various aspects such as the ambient air temperature, engine/coolant temperature, exhaust /main fold temp, exhaust O2 content, throttle position, the rpm of the engine, the vehicle road speed and crankshaft position Autel MaxiSys MS908. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) uses the closed -loop control method, where it monitors the output of a system in order to control the inputs to a system.

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Autel Maxidas DS808 Full Set Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Here a collection of Autel Maxidas DS808 Full Set Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Questions and Answers, hope it helps.

Question: Will this test the abs module on a 1995 chevy k2500 suburban with the diesel engine or can you recomend one that will? Answer: on you need older otc Question: What’s the difference between ds808 and ms906? Answer: DS808 is a smaller and stripped down version of MS906. The two models have the same function in software, but different hardware configuration. DS808 is configured with smaller screen and smaller battery, but DS808 is priced about $250 less than MS906. Question: Can you increase your idle rpm with this scanner? Answer: Do you mean the idle relearn function? It can be supported. But for some vehicles, the idle can be relearned by manual. So in order to confirm it, it is better you can provide us the detailed vehicle information, like Vehicle, year and Vin No. Question: Will it diagnose suspension error indications? Answer: Yes, DS708 can do it. Any oth

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The Rent-A-Car Process

A rental car is an example of a contract carrier. These are privately run operations that people hire for a single trip to a given destination. Examples are taxicabs, rental cars, and chartered buses. Next on the list of the car rental process is finding out what cars they carry Autel MaxiSys. Most rental car vendors separate their cars into different classes: economy, intermediate, luxury and full-size vehicles. Do they have cars with features like GPS or alarms? How reliable are the brands they carry? If the brands you see seem doubtful to you, then they probably are. Cheap car rental does not mean compensating for comfort. Choose a company that carries well known brands like Ford, Toyota, etc.

They also carry reliable car brands such as Ford and Taurus. When asking for rental fees, inquire about a car rental vendor's discount car rentals which are often offered during the peak of vacation season autel. It's always good to look for a vendor that offers specials so you can save more

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The Nissan Altima

The economy in the turmoil that it is in and the fact that the government leaders are claiming that we need to bailout the "Big Three" in order to save the nation has led us to believe that without this rescue package we are all doomed. That is why I believe that we should review a few of the newer vehicles like the Nissan Altima to find out if our auto manufacturers are using the money to make good automobiles or just playing with the figures to get more ready cash to throw away autel.


When you do find the car that you like, look online at reviews and more to see what others think. It's always best to get an unbiased opinion on something rather than from the dealer. When considering a car, keep the Nissan Altima in mind.

When you purchase your next car, make sure you save on gas with a fuel credit card at FINDgascards autel ds808, where you can find more of Tom's work. Related Links


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