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The future of Cyber Security

Nobody can foresee the future. However, using the data trends, one can do predictive analysis and suggests what the future has in hold for us. Especially when it comes to the world of Information and Technology, everything is uncertain yet predicable.

Sounds weird, right?

Let us explain it further…

When we talk about uncertainty, what we mean is that we can’t really tell what is about to take place a sec after. Since this tech industry is moving so fast and everything is changing and developing at extreme pace. Yet there are still many things that our ancestors use to predict in the past and have became the reality of today. The introduction of AI, the widely populating data, and then the need of securing it since it’s just there. These all things have been talked about since ages and now are the reality of the time.

However, one thing that has grown the fastest is the need of cybersecurity. With the rapidly increasing cyber threats and data breaches in the digital world, the importance of InfoSec and cybersecurity is uncanny. We can’t think of this modern world surviving without cybersecurity playing one of the most vital parts in the sustaining and growing data and technological innovations.

As mentioned above, the number of IT systems, connected devices, data, and cloud services is increasing consistently. Now, it is believed that the amount of data and connected systems will reach the skies within a few years period. As all these devices and systems produce a very large volume of data; popularly and justifiably knows as Big Data. This has also risen the need of protecting this data.

When we understand and realize that not every piece of information is confidential and needs security, it is also correct that a huge amount of data is sensitive and needs to be protected.  Moreover, no one would want to send or receive altered information and the security being compromised of the data they perceive important and confidential. This implies the need of cybersecurity today and in the future is unparalleled. Therefore, getting cybersecurity training, or a tech degree in the said field, or pursuing certifications like Cisco CCNA Security, CEH, or any other relevant cert will surely pay off.

Realizing this let’s discuss the future of cybersecurity in the digital world and why we need to make sure it survives forever and even after that.

The Future Of Cybersecurity

Threats to Cybersecurity

As fast as this world is getting digitalized day in and day out, the number of e-exploitations are also increasing with the same pace. Also, these exploitations pay off well which is another charm to morally corrupt people to take benefit of it. The number of individuals and even companies who just want to make money legally or illegally is rapidly increasing looking to earn money illegally. Some are doing it in the name of patriotism while others are doing it specifically for the sake of money.

This is raising the awareness to learn about those threats to be able to protect oneself against them. Potentially all these threats are generalized into six categories which are,

Selling information: These threats are mostly made to sell the information either by stealing it via credit card or other information like important records, passwords, and accounts. This threat is made by doing deep search on the Internet to find the vulnerable information and exploit it.

Phishing: This is done by spreading fake email to scam people. This threat is made by sending emails to a group of people or an individual asking his/her personal information and other highly sensitive information needed to steal money or sell a property.

Stealing information via encryption: Such threats are mostly made for money and the information is giving back after receiving a heavy ransom. These threats are mostly targeted towards big companies and global organizations who have important and confidential data.

Espionage: Here the threat is made by searching the sensitive information with the ambition to acquire money.

DDoS attack: These attacks are made by using a large number of computers to overload a website so that real users cannot access it. This attack is mostly made in the enmity with the owner.

Alter the information or a module of a system: These attacks are specifically designed to change or remove information or a part of a system. This attack is mostly carried out in case of cyber wars or terrorism.

Technical Aid

All these threats are increasing day by day but are also being encountered because of the awareness and technical aid available.

Need of Encryption

One of the most common and known way to fight cyber threats and ensure safety and security is encryption. By the use of encryption, we can easily hide the sensitive and confidential information. However, one biggest concern that most of us are facing is how to be able to adapt encryption with connected devices. As these connected devices doesn’t necessarily have the required memory, capacity, and electrical power. This is the reason why it is among one of the major challenges. However, it is already under consideration and many are working to develop a solution for it in the near future.

Use of Quantum Technology

One thing that has ignited the interest of every cybersecurity pro is how quantum technology will help or affect the encryption methods in the coming future. Today, there are two ways to ensure encryption which are, 

  1. Symmetric: This kind of encryption will be affected by quantum computers. However, one can still use symmetric encryption with but with longer encryption keys.
  2. Asymmetric. Asymmetric encryption current algorithms might lose their security. Also, most of today’s e-commerce, certification management websites are working on this kind of encryption. Therefore, it is pretty important to upgrade this technique before quantum computers become reality.

How will it affect us?

We are addicted to our phones and can’t really imagine our lives without them. These devices have become an absolute part of our lives. This is why we need to pay more attention on what data are we compromising for our addiction. As we all are equally responsible to follow the guidelines to keep the information secure that we don’t want to be used or exploited like once done by Facebook and Google Plus.

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