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8 Simple Techniques to Bid Farewell to Muscle Pain:

Muscle pain may vary from person to person, it may be a dull, sharp or throbbing.  Muscle pain usually arise because of a strain, cramp, spasm or muscle tear. Regardless of what its cause, there are other reasons to that can lead to muscle pain or fatigue – such as overuse of muscles, dehydration, temperature changes, such as heat, cold, or perhaps some more severe illness which might need medical attention.

Preventing muscle pain isn't just restricted to sports, tennis, golf, weight lifting or exercise sessions. In all parts of our lives, it is possible to take action to prevent aching muscles, so that the pain does not hinder your daily activities and accomplishments.

Listed below are a few tricks to prevent or cure muscle aches and pains:

  • STAND UP STRAIGHT - bad posture may result in back pain and all kinds of physical problems since slouching, slumping and sitting for extended hours may put additional pressure on your muscles. Rounded shoulders along with a curve in your lower spine are some of the most suggestive signs of poor posture. So, it is important to keep a check on your posture by sitting or standing against a wall with your shoulders and upper back touching the wall. Lift your arms overhead and attempt to touch the wall. If you're able to accomplish so, you have great posture. Otherwise, keep trying and you'll strengthen your spine and shoulder muscles and straighten your spine with time and support. Another superb way to improve your posture is Yoga.
  • WORK OUT SMART – Including regular exercise regimen is extremely valuable in preventing injury to your muscles. To prevent pain yet develop maximum fitness include weight training at least 3-4 times each week and include some sort of aerobic activity such as walking, biking, swimming or running, all which will enhance blood flow to your muscles and provide strength to them, thereby protecting your muscles from trauma. The best thing about daily exercise program is that it will help you build greater support on your spine, which contributes to better position and lowers back pain. Adapt to a fitness program suits your needs and requirements, if you aren't utilised to being busy.
  • LOOSEN UP – Make sure to perform some stretch exercises following your workout as soon as your muscles are still warm. Stretching will enhance your endurance and also prevent your muscles from tightening up resulting in an injury, pain and inflammations. Just take a while to stretch your calf muscles, shoulders and upper spine, upper and lower back, hip muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps before you end.
  • TECHNIQUES AND EQUIPMENT - the ideal way to workout is to take help from an experienced or professional who holds a nationally certified personal trainer degree. If you wish to make the most your exercise sessions, finding the best of gym gear in the world will not do any good if you are using it incorrectly.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES – Workout out on your abdominal muscles will surely benefit your spine because the muscle in the stomach supports the spine, thus taking the strain off your spine. Strengthening your legs and thighs too helps relieve some stress from your back.
  • REST - Don't over-train your body during training or workout sessions. Too much physical action causes a build-up of waste products in the body, which thereby tends to wears out your muscles. Fatigue can be severe and if you're overly-fatigued and yet train your body, you might just end up hurting yourself and your muscles instead of doing better. And my implementing adequate REST, you can achieve better results from your workout sessions, as rest helps each muscle in your body to recover and grow to its maximum limits. As an instance, if you work on chest and biceps on Monday, you should make it a point to wait till Thursday or Friday before working on them again.
  • GET A MASSAGE - a massage can work wonders for reducing pain. Make a consultation with an experienced masseur or ask for a friend or loved one to offer you a massage with essential oils like rosemary or lavender, as it helps release tension from your muscles, therefore aiding fertile grounds for it to grow and recover.
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