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How To Be An App Entrepreneur With No Technical Background

Everyone has aspirations to be an app entrepreneur to reap some fortunes out of ever-rising trends of mobile apps in the market. However, it is not mandatory to be a tech nerd to enter the tech business. There are many options to get into the business, and the current post is giving some decent ideas. Hope it may inspire you or guide you to go through.




When Apple Inc. has released its first iPhone SDK in the market to tempt 3rd party software developers to get the title of mobile app developers, many have grabbed the opportunity and started working on app ideation process. There was one category of people with true entrepreneurship capacities has started hiring iPhone developers at extremely high rates, and many of them got success too.


The second category of people was of some developers with time and resources, have jumped on the bandwagon and pushed their creativity a bit further and mingled it with their technical abilities to create something viable in the market got overnight success. It has inspired a big mass to perceive the Apple Store as a fortune maker destination and dogs of every corner in the streets have carried some sort of iPhone or iPad app idea and dreaming of having million dollars in a short while.


The third category of people was of true entrepreneurship and abilities to sustain in the market to grow, but they were devoid of money to invest. However, they were smart and found a way out to overcome monetary constraints in the first place. They had floated the idea of equity partnership and tempted talented developers, designer, and the entire team of iPhone app development to join with them and believe in their ideas for app development, deployment, marketing, and monetary strategies.

It is an adage that

“Man Learns From The Past And Shapes The Future Accordingly.”


If we were going to implement the same in finding the solution that how to build a mobile app or lay the foundation of a technical company/mobile app development agency without any programming or technical background, the given examples of the early era of iPhone give us perfect clues to go ahead in the present contexts too. If you were not got it, let me clear it a bit further.


Options for Entrepreneurs with Mobile App Idea but No Technical Background

When you are devoid of any technical background and still have a solid app idea, you must incubate it further before jumping on the development.


Incubating Idea

During the incubation period, as per my experiences, you will think of several critical aspects of the ideation other than the development, such as creating a business plan, money to invest, monetization strategies to see steady streams of revenues, and human resources to work on all.


Of course, your plans, strategies, and everything you have brainstormed may change over the time and evolved even during the development phases to be better than previous ones. However, your exercises never go in futile but may lay the foundation to start something from scratch.


After a considerable period spending in incubation of your idea, you will able to go to start building a mobile application after picking up a right option out of the given alternatives here and from somewhere else.


Option – 1: Hire a Talented & Stable Team for Your Mobile App Development

When you have enough money to invest on building a mobile application and afford the marketing as well as maintenance expenses during the entire lifecycle of your app, you can think of hiring technical assistance whether in the form of in-house hiring or outsourcing the entire project. Let’ see pros and cons of both options.


If you are working on a one-time project and unsure for the next or depending on the success of the first one, hiring in-house developer might not make much sense. You can hire a freelance developer or a team/agency/company available in your locality or look for the outsourcing work on freelancer platforms like Upwork and


These platforms offer the high security of your money and availability of world-class talent. Affordability, Flexibility, and time zone difference advantages are pure attractions of outsourcing your mobile app development project to the offshore team working with the latest infrastructure and high-end talents providing end-to-end solutions.


Of course, you will get what you pay for it. Thus, you fall into the first category of people I have described at the beginning in iPhone era example.


Option – 2: Do It Yourself (DIY)

To be more precise in your ideation process, you must take help of the latest prototyping and MVP development tools.


Prototyping Your Idea

Today we have awesome tools to create software prototypes without writing a single line of code using the drag-n-drop interface, so you don’t need any technical background to deal with it, just you should be tech-savvy enough to use computer devices and work in software interfaces, instead of pen & paper.


In due course, WordPress, Typeform, Squarespace, and Weebly provide an online interface to work while Marvel, Mockplus, Adobe XD, and Invision are providing advanced prototyping tools working online/offline/mobile with interactive & real-time updating abilities to infuse and test user experiences in the design.


Creating MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development

It is a bit more advanced step and requires some coding abilities besides tech-savviness. It is possible to work on MVP development if you have long-term plan to enter into software development niche by learning basic coding through various online tutorials and eBooks.


It enables you to code basic HTML, CSS, and even some scripts and other programming languages, which are easy to learn. With coding, you can bring interactivity and required minimum features and functionality to demonstrate your end-users how your products would be at the end of the first step to meet their needs.


MVP is an excellent idea to convert your dreams into a software reality to check its viability, UX, and usability upfront without taking more risks than you should do for a full-fledged product. You must remember that your code used in the MVP development may or may not be reusable, but you will have everything to realize the entire picture of your mobile app up front.


Use App Builder Tools/Platforms

If your mobile app idea falls into standard app categories with several common features and functionality, you can think of investing in online as well as installation-based app builder tools which are working based on drag-n-drop interface and automatically translate the front-end design into code in the back-end. For example, BuildFire and Combo are good examples of such app builder tools allow you to DIY.


Option – 3: Be Ready to Share Your Equity with Right Match

When you are falling into the third category of people who have the true spirit of entrepreneurship but devoid of required funds to hire anyone straightforwardly, you may have a nice idea, and it is convincing the entire team on equity sharing basis to work with you instead of paying them money through standard engagement models or hiring on the payroll as in-house employees.


You can do so by arranging a sequence of meeting with each team members viz. designers, programmers, testers/QA, marketers, and maintenance staff to work with you by being an owner of the company instead of an employee.


Another way is to go on a partnership with a technical co-founder and relieve yourself from all technical jobs and technical issue. Thus, you can focus on rests of marketing, general management, financial, and day-to-day affairs.



At present, mobile app development industry has a sizable number of successful cofounders and entrepreneurs who have no technical background or just a certificate course or diploma, but not solid degrees. There may be many ways other than I have described here to build a mobile app startup with no technical background.


If you are one of the members and ready to share your story here, I invite you. If you are going to be one of them and looking for right ‘Partner’ (not mere service provider) for your dream projects, SysBunny is the best choice to share your idea and tie a permanent bond of partnership.


Let’s talk how it could be practical.

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