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Podiatry Services A Complete Guide

Research suggests that Podiatrists are more in demand now than ever before because of the rapidly aging population around us. Foot disorders are found to be the most widespread and yet most neglected health problems that have been affecting the people of the country.

What kind of conditions do podiatrists treat?

As many of us are aware, Podiatry clinic treats any and every condition of the feet, such as the following:

  • Injuries to bones (including fractures), tendons and soft tissue
  • Foot problems resulting from illness such as diabetes, arthritis, AIDS, and cardiovascular diseases
  • Bacterial and fungal infections
  • Skin and nail disorders
  • Benign and cancerous tumours
  • Congenital and acquired foot deformities

Scope of Service

Podiatry Services provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all conditions affecting the feet and the lower limbs. Experienced and accredited podiatrists are dedicated to helping patients achieve good foot health. Services that they provide to ensure good foot health include the following:

Basic Podiatry care

Podiatrists provide basic foot care for-

  • Painful skin conditions such as corns, callosity, blisters, heel cracks and fissures.
  • Toenail conditions such as nail deformities, thickened toenails, fungal toenail infections, chronic painful ingrown toenails.
  • Fungal infections in the foot like Athlete’s foot, warts, and verrucae, acutely infected ingrown toenails.

Podiatrists along with providing foot care also offer footwear advice to prevent most of the severe foot health problems from developing.

Diabetic Foot Care

People who have diabetes face many foot and ankle issues as well. Podiatrists help them by preparing a solid diabetic foot care plan. Podiatrists also provide screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot problems associated with Diabetes. Diabetic foot problems include numbness of the feet, poor circulation or foot deformities that need to be treated with a specialist treatment.

Custom Orthotic Devices

Foot Doctors Adelaide use Orthotics that is devices worn to correct foot and ankle problems without the need of surgery. Orthotics provides comfort and relieves pain for a variety of foot conditions that include flat feet, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis. They are known to be much more useful than a store-bought insert. Podiatrists prefer orthotic devices that are prepared to fit the foot’s unique shape as it provides the apt amounts of cushioning and balance precisely where it is required.

Sports Medicine

The feet and ankles of a professional athlete can take a beating during activities, and sports injuries are always a possibility. Podiatrists treat all kinds of athlete foot conditions from Ankle sprains to torn ligaments, shin splints, Athlete’s foot and other painful soft tissue injuries as well. 

Heel and Arch Pain

As our feet are under a lot of stress and pressure every day, hence heel or arch issues surfacing is an undeniable consequence. During such events, foot specialists provide the care you need to get rid of the pain and go back to doing the regular activities that you enjoyed. They treat most of these conditions with nonsurgical techniques!

Surgical Care

Podiatrists are experts in the treating ingrown toenails and chronic painful toenail problems, but sometimes these conditions may require surgical intervention as it requires removing whole or part of the toenail to relax the pain. Podiatrists assess the suitability of surgical treatment and also provide surgical intervention for minor skin and nail problems affecting the feet under local anesthesia.

Children’s Foot Care

Children are usually susceptible towards pain especially when suffering from problems like ingrown toenails, Saver’s disease, athlete’s foot, and tarsal coalition. As children might not sometimes understand the discomfort or pain in their fee, hence parents must pay attention for limping or sudden withdrawal from activities that their kids usually enjoyed.  Podiatrists treat all the foot conditions that affect children.

Biomechanical foot problems

Podiatrists also examine the foot and lower leg for common biomechanical limb problems such as flat feet, bunions, toe deformities, highly arched feet, heel pain and other such issues. Podiatrists provide tailor-made toe protectors, insoles and cast orthotics to accommodate and correct foot and leg deformities to remove such symptoms.

Nail and Skin Care

Many issues can happen to your toenails and the skin on your feet. Podiatrists treat all these commonly found problems including ingrown nails, ulcers, cysts, blisters, warts, fungal toenails, and corns and calluses.

Podiatry services includes many other like elderly foot care, wound management for venous ulcers, pressure sores, chilblains, and chronic foot wounds. Foot clinics take care of foot hygiene and anything and everything that relates to the feet. Foot problems although ignored but are known to be faced with maximum number and types of diseases. Hence, at Life Foot clinic we endorse the idea of ‘Healthy Feet and Happy living!”

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