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Best Self Employed Courier Jobs

Hermes Self-employed Couriers

Start delivering packages in your local area. By being self-employed you'll earn good money, it's going to be you who will make the schedule. You can fully enjoy the balance between work and personal life. Does it sound good? You don't need to be someone's slave and work for a few bucks. It's a high time you started making some real money, and enjoyed your life to its full extent!

How it works?

Hermes couriers are self-employed. They use their own vehicles and they deliver all th amazing stuff right to your house.  When you are a Hermes, your day starts at a local sub-depot where you pick all the packages and stuff that need to be delivered to the customers. You'll encounter other couriers who work in the same area as you do. Isn't it great to start a day at a place that is familiar to you and meet new people who love what they do? If you live far away from a city, you might ask your supervisor and he'll ensure that the parcels will be dropped off at your home each morning. 

Handheld Terminals are devices used for scanning parcels. You'll then load the prepared parcels into your vehicle and plan a most suitable route to the customers.  

The delivery time is between 8am and 8pm.

It's you who is in charge

You are not forced to work from a certain time to the certain time. It's completely up to you how you schedule your day. Would you like go for a lunch with your friends? No problem as long as your customers are happy, you can do whatever you like.

The more deliveries you make, the more money you earn

There is absolutely no limit on how many packages and stuff you can deliver. If you are a super hero who can deliver 1.000.000 packages in a day, no problem, you're allowed to do so. We'll be happy to provide you with as many packages as you can deliver. However, taking way too many packages might not be the best idea, as you might get overwhelmed. It's good to start with fewer packages, and make your way up.

Field managers are here to help you

You'll work with your field manager who's going to guide you and provide you with all the necessary help you might need. If you are not sure, you can easily ask him or her for help.

What are the benefits?

You'll work with your field manager who's going to guide you and provide you with all the necessary help you might need. If you are not sure, you can easily ask him or her for help.

- Flexible Hours
- Good money
- System of rewards
- Working in your area
- No experience is required
- Latest technology
- Training and support

Self Employed Courier Jobs

Yodel Delivery Driver Jobs

Employed driver jobs

To make a great team full of reliable and good drivers, the company invests in supporting them and developing their careers. As an employed Yodel driver, you'll get a fixed income. Your opportunities will be unlimited, the career is only up to you. The better you are, the higher you might get.

There are many options you can choose from. You can drive your own vehicle, or be a HGV driver and can earn some extra cash on Saturdays.

1)  Employed van drivers

Drivers deliver parcels in any weather condition no matter whether the Sun is shinning, or it's raining. Thousands of parcels get delivered every day. Become one of us!

2)  Saturday only drivers

Would you like to earn some extra cash at weekends? Then what are you waiting for? Join the team of Saturday drivers, and help us deliver packages. We'll provide you with a van to use. If you've got some experience in a similar role, that's great. However, what is more important is your passion for delivering. If you are interested, don't hesitate and let us know. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

1)  HGV drivers

Our HGV drivers are our walking soldiers. They do the hardest work. Wherever parcels need to be, whenever they need to be -- they are ready and happy to deliver them. Whether the parcels are small or big, they will always be delivered our experienced HGV drivers. To join our team, it's absolutely essential that you have a driver CPC card and be proficient in English as well. We're looking for professionals who are great at what they do, and love their work. 

Self-employed driver jobs

The main advantages are flexibility, autonomy, work that fits around your life. There is no fixed schedule that you need to follow and that's why our self-employed drivers love this option.

There are all sorts of options that suit all kinds of people. From owners of small vehicles to owners of 3.5 tonne vans. Even if you don't own a van, you can lease one from us and start off your career.

1)  Service partners

With constantly-increasing numbers of packages across the UK, we partner with all kinds of business -- big or small through the entire country to help us get packages where they need to be.

Partner with us and we'll be responsible for multiple routes. You'll be delivering packages directly to our clients. You'll be the one in charge, the only thing you'll need to do is to deliver the packages to the clients and make them happy.

1)  Couriers

Because there are still more and more people who like shopping on-line, the need of drivers is increasing. You could be a college student who's got his/her own car, or a retired person who just need to make some cash. You don't need to work full tiem for us, we might only call you once in a while.

2)  Delivery driver

An ever increasing number of individuals are purchasing the things they adore – of every kind imaginable – on the web. 

With immense measures of vitality and awesome course arranging aptitudes, you'll additionally adore driving and know your neighborhood the back of your hand. In this way, turn into a Delivery Driver – Self Employed and appreciate more flexibility and more prominent control over when and where you work

 Weekend Delivery Driver Jobs

Weekend Delivery Driver Jobs

Yodel Delivery Driver Jobs, Hermes Parcel Delivery Jobs



Need to acquire some additional money at ends of the week? At that point join our group of Saturday drivers and help us to convey a great many bundles. We'll even furnish you with a van to utilize.

Gathering bundles from one of our warehouses at an opportune time Saturday mornings, you'll convey up to 50 or 60 packages amid the day, on time and in incredible condition. Following the most productive course (it's altogether arranged out for you), you'll meet and welcome individuals as you convey packages of every kind imaginable straight to their entryways.

And additionally a full UK/EU driving permit, and the capacity to lift up to 32kg in weight, you should likewise be matured more than 21 for protection purposes.

In the event that you are very brave of a comparable part – so much the better. However, we're more inspired by your energy for conveying an extraordinary client experience and thinking about each conveyance literally.

Join our group and you'll be utilized on a Saturday just premise, however there will be degree to go up against some additional work at crest times – like Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. On the off chance that you adore it as much as we do, you may even need to go along with us as a proprietor driver later on and work with us amid the week as well.


Sunday Delivery Service

Offering an incredible other option to the high road - in light of the fact that we convey throughout the day

Our completely followed Sunday Delivery benefit permits 85% of the UK Mainland populace to arrange a bundle on a Saturday for Next Day conveyance on a Sunday.

All determined from our cutting edge Warrington Hub!

Hermes' Sunday Delivery Service is outlined so your clients can get those immeasurably essential bundles outside of Sunday opening hours.

Key highlights of Sunday Delivery Service:

Sunday Delivery We will convey your packages on a Sunday with a 95% first time achievement rate.

National Coverage We offer a Sunday Delivery administration to just shy of 85% of the UK Mainland Population

Completely Tracked We will furnish you with end to end allocate as standard

Estimated time of arrival Timeslot We can furnish your client with a 4 hour time window for their conveyance on the off chance that you add on our ETA Service

Client Notifications We can tell your client when the bundle will be conveyed in the event that you add on our Parcel Manager Email, SMS or Mobile App benefit

Do Hermes convey in the interest of Yodel?

Two distinctive conveyance organizations I know, however Yodel left an endeavored conveyance card yesterday saying they'd attempt to convey today, just returned home and a package has been left at the secondary passage yet conveyed by Hermes(a Hermes card was posted through letterbox saying where they'd left it)...

Bit confounding, particularly as yesterday I called Yodel and asked for the bundle be left for accumulation as their office is genuinely close by..

Just expecting this one package at the present time, so very beyond any doubt it is this, however I've never known this!?

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