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Sibling Rivalry | Lightbulb Learning Childcare

  • When the scuffle breaks out get involved. Move to where the children are. Remember, one of the top reasons siblings fight is to gain your attention; children seem to work on the basis that even negative attention is better than nothing. Be there.
  • Stay calm. Don’t respond in a panic, this is not an emergency – it’s normal. Take a few deep breaths and pause.
  • Stay neutral. Offer support and empathy to everyone involved. Don’t take sides.
  • Dissect the problem. “It sounds like you guys need help to solve this problem.” Hear out each child’s perspective and restate their requests to show you understand them.
  • Brainstorm together. Talk about how to solve the problem in a way that works for everyone. Give suggestions, or let them come up with their own.
  • Offer more support. Sometimes one child will be struggling more than the other. Offer them more empathy and encouragement, or help them find another activity.

Or, they may just need a little more time with you.

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