Touch Lock (ZP100W)

Touch Lock (ZP100W) Touch Lock (ZP100W) double_line


ESMART KIOSK SYSTEM is a wireless locker lock system designed and developed to work with Kiosk Systems. It includes Locker Lock units, a Wireless Transmitter (AP200) and a Master Key pack.For each specific locker, the user activates the kiosk and the kiosk unlocks the requested locker.Lock occupancy status and Battery status can be monitored by the Central Server. We provide Lock communication protocol documents and test programs for Client’s Server and Kiosk Program development. However, Server and Kiosk Programs are not provided by us.


  • Wiring installation is not required.
  • Easy and simple relocation of lockers
  • One AP can control up to 100 locks while most companies can only control up to 16 locks per controller. This provides for flexible locker grouping and lower system cost.
  • RFID is not required depending on Kiosk system.

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