Understanding Your Car's Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The main process based job of an engine control unit (ECU) is to control the various features of an internal combustion engine's operation autel. Earlier, the ECU that was fitted in most of the cars and had their engine parameters fixed. Also, the carburetor would determine the required quantity of fuel per cylinder/per engine cycle. In other words, the simple version of the ECU'S would control only the quantity of fuel injected into each cylinder, at each engine cycle.

These sensors monitor's various aspects such as the ambient air temperature, engine/coolant temperature, exhaust /main fold temp, exhaust O2 content, throttle position, the rpm of the engine, the vehicle road speed and crankshaft position Autel MaxiSys MS908. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) uses the closed -loop control method, where it monitors the output of a system in order to control the inputs to a system.

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