What You Didn't Know Before Promoting Your Website On Craigslist

Dirty Internet Secrets: Where Craigslist is, there is a higher incidence of HIV

The Craigslist Web serves people to promote, mediate and exchange experiences and opinions. Even worse, Craigslist is starting to connect people, but also an increase in HIV infection. 

In craigslist, founded in 1995 by Craig Newman in San Francisco, everything is basically located. Originally, the service originated as a space where people knew what was going on in the Sanfrancisco Bay area. Today it operates in seventy countries and seventy cities and these concepts do not overlap with geological concepts. The popularity of the service has changed, as it happened, in the inconvenience. In 2004 Craigslist had problems publishing dog breeding, a few years later, "blackout" the menus in bids. But that does not mean that Craigslist does not contain sex on offer, just the opposite. They just hide under the black-and-white button with the words "censored".

People seem to be using this button. Simply enter a meeting request, choose the sex and place of life of the desired counterpart, add a photo and contact information. So far everything is fundamentally fine, but if Craigslist does not use a significant number of irresponsible HIV-infected users.

As researchers from Minnesota and New York scientists have found that a year after Craigslist appears in a new "city," the number of HIV infections in this area will increase by almost sixteen percent. In a part of the study, which borrowed the profound name of Dirty Internet Secrets, researchers show that Craigslist ads directly point to six thousand cases of killer HIV infection.

"I do not think the spread of HIV through Craigslist chat rooms would be a loss to website operators," said one of Jason Chan's researchers at the Department of Marketing at the University of Minnesota. "Craigslist people come and take advantage of it without realizing the dangers they face."

Chan also mentioned his shock of Craigslist's sexually-oriented ads.

University teams researched Craigslist ads from 1999 to 2008 in thirty-three countries. Their research has shown that the spread of HIV is not associated with sex offers from experts and experts. According to Kana, HIV spreads through sexuality in the gay community. It's logical because Craigslist came to the world in San Francisco, which in general and genuinely pays homage to homosexuals.

Craigslist did not comment on this study, but according to Jason Khan, general care should be taken to increase sexual awareness in the digital environment. Since 2003, at least in the United States, the number of people who have been infected with HIV is growing every year by interacting with people you know on the Intern

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